DIY: Washi tape pegs

Pretty-up your pantry or paperwork with these super cute washi tape pegs! If you’ve been around Pinterest long enough, you would’ve no doubt come across them.. I use to make them with scrapbooking paper and mod podge, but washi tape is far quicker and easier!

I use these pegs way more than I thought I would. I initially made a whole bunch as go-to gifts (yes, while watching a 3x movie marathon), but have ended up using about half of them for myself ! What can I say, they’re functional, pretty and the smaller wooden pegs are just ridiculously cute….

This craft is perfect if:

  • You’re short on time
  • Need to entertain a young (9+) crafter or
  • Want something simple to do while watching tv/movie

Blackboard Wedding Invite Design

I love wedding invites. Designing them as much as receiving them!

I often offer to design invites/stationery as my gift to friends who are about to tie the knot. Over the years they’ve ranged from fiddly (and labour intensive) handmade invites to simple and classical with gold foiling.

For the latest wedding invite, the Bride and Groom wanted a blackboard design. This post contains the elements used, so you can create your own blackboard styled masterpiece!

DIY: Swing tags for clothing (or gifts!)

If you’ve read my brief bio on the left hand side, you would’ve noticed that I designed Ambassador – a New Zealand made clothing range.

Each garment of the range has a meaningful screen printed design on it, and come with a swing tag containing the meaning. I usually get the swing tags printed on regular card stock but this year I decided to make them myself – just to add that extra bit of love to each order that’s sent on it’s way.

While I’ve applied these for garments, they could also be modified and used as gift tags!

DIY: Dinner Party Presentation / Noodle Boxes

So it was my 30th birthday party last night, and the overall theme was board games. Over the last year or so they’ve been making a ‘come back’ (maybe it comes with age), and I thought it would be a great way for friends from different groups to mix ‘n mingle. After all, nothing quite says “It’s nice to meet you” over good thrashing at .

Usually for my birthdays we have a big BBQ based dinner but this year I decided to try something different and present pre-served dinners in 50 noodle boxes! It made for less dishes (bamboo forks) and meant I could make these cute tags and also friends could just ‘grab and go’ back to their game, or conversation.

DIY: Woolen Blanket Bunting Tutorial

I recently bought a bunch of woolen blanket scraps from one of the local craft stores, I think the crafter had put it in the “I can’t make any more pillows with this, so I’ll sell it as scraps” pile. Then, along comes me (impulsive fabric buyer), who thinks “Surely I can make something from these pieces” and here we have the results… woolen blanket bunting! 12 pretty darn cute meters of it.. what do I plan to do with it? I have no idea!

DIY: Geometric Terracotta Pots

Earlier in the week I shared how to grow Basil from cuttings – it may not sound overly exciting, but considering how much I like basil, and how I’d never done anything like that before, AND the fact that it worked, I was pretty stoked!

Anywho, I planted them in terracotta pots that I’d painted earlier (yes, I’m still going through my triangle phase). It was almost as easy to do as growing the basil and cost less than $10. So I thought I’d share!