In the Backyard

DIY: Geometric Terracotta Pots

Earlier in the week I shared how to grow Basil from cuttings – it may not sound overly exciting, but considering how much I like basil, and how I’d never done anything like that before, AND the fact that it worked, I was pretty stoked!

Anywho, I planted them in terracotta pots that I’d painted earlier (yes, I’m still going through my triangle phase). It was almost as easy to do as growing the basil and cost less than $10. So I thought I’d share!

How to: Grow Basil from a cutting

I’ve just realised I’m doing a “How to” gardening related post, on April Fools’ day. Oh the irony. This is no prank people, it’s for real. I have done something gardening related – even got dirt under my nails! All for a good cause.

So a few months back, I relocated from Auckland to the Hawkes Bay. While I’m happy with the move, my beloved basil plant, not so much.

I noticed my flatties basil plants in the vege patch, were doing rather well, so I did some research to see if I could grow basil from cuttings, and it turned out you can! And it turned out pretty easy!