Entree and Snacks

Carrot and Parsnip Curried Soup (Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Vegetarian)

Earlier in the week I blogged about how I’m no longer working-from-home (hoorah!), and have been making soups to take with me each day. So far it’s working out quite well!

Now, I should really start by saying that I’d never had carrot OR parsnip soup. Ever. The thought of having such veges in a soup actually didn’t really appeal to me (am I alone in this thinking?). However, I was at the fruit store today and carrots were only 50c per kg so I thought, heck, if it all turns to poo – I won’t loose out on much (and can just make carrot cake instead)!

But stay with me… (there is a happy ending on the way!)

DIY Sun-dried Tomatoes

I love buying local produce!

I’ve recently moved city and roadside stalls are in abundance – so when I saw that I could buy 5kg of acid-free tomatoes for $6 (currently $2.50 per kg in supermarkets), I thought it would be a good opportunity to stock up on sun-dried tomatoes.

These DIY Sun-dried tomatoes are so stupidly easy to make and multi-purposeful. As a snack, on crackers, in sauces, on pizzas… and the added herbs just intensify the flavour even more.

Paleo Chocolate, Peppermint and Coconut Snacks

I made these as part of my dessert spread for Christmas last year – they’re a paleo friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, and (refined) sugar-free treat that tastes just like an after-dinner mint. They’re so good, too good, and as usual I ate far too many of them (they didn’t survive Boxing Day). I’ve provided non-paleo options available for those not following it.