FREE DOWNLOAD: 2016 Ultimate Adaptable Wall Planner - Practical, Minimilist, geometric design. Great for students, homes, work places, entrepreneurs. Available for customization

This is my third year for offering a free Wall Planner download – each year I’ve tweaked and refined it further so it’s more adaptable and usable for a larger audience. This years design is definitely my favourite to date.
Planners can end up quite full, so the minimalist design doesn’t create anymore additional visual chaos or distraction.

Whats gone from previous versions?

  • The letters for the days (I’ve let the ‘bold’ dates indicate weekends)
  • The month/year title and simply used two numerals to represent the month
  • The branded watermark (reduced to a small faint ‘’)
  • The colour! Most people print these at home or take them into their local copy centre, grayscale is the more economical option. This also will bring more focus to what you’ve written (if you use coloured pens!)

For those who are new this year, here’s a bit of a background as to why I created this calendar/planner, and some of the ways you can adapt it for your own use:

The story behind the Wall planner

I love planning and (the idea of) being organised. I love clarity and appreciate practical, minimal design. So I was on a mission to merge it all into one!

At the beginning of 2014 I decided I needed an easier way to view important dates for:

  • Generate Design / Client project deadlines / Marketing
  • Miss Dotty / Blog post scheduling / Seasonal Campaigns / Product Development
  • Ambassador / Orders / Manufacturing / Sales / Marketing Deadlines
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries / Holidays / Visitors

Naturally, I created a Diary / Wall Planner Pinterest Board to capture the smart ideas out there in the pinterestphere and to see what was genuinely working for others.

I ended up designing a column-type wall planner, where each business had it’s own column, perfect! I could see how everything was going to coordinate in a single glance. So with this wall planner, paired with Google Calendars for workflow and specific time blocking – I can achieve a more manageable workflow throughout the year.

Ideas on how (and where!) to use the planner:

Household Planner:

By putting each family member in a column – one glance you can easily co-ordinate your days and weeks for pick-ups, work schedules, appointments, birthdays, exams, and holidays.

Flat Planner:

By putting each flatmates name in a column, it will help to know when flatties are away, got friends over, who’s home for dinner (if you share meals), chores, bill payments, you name it! Sometimes flatmates can be like ships in the night, rarely passing by, so this can ensure important info is easily available, in one central place, for everyone to see.

Entrepreneur Planner:

Put each business, project or department in each column, and mark down progress deadlines, milestones or important marketing campaigns.

Study Planner:

Put each school subject in a column, mark out university holidays, exams, assignment deadlines, meetings, study schedule.

Personal Planner:

Work roster, social engagements, sports training and games, commitments and study.

Ready to download?

This years download is going to work a little different to previous years.

Why’s that? Well, I’m currently in the process of setting up a (FREE!) VIP area where all of my downloads will be accessed, easier, in one place. I’ve decided that 2016 is going to be the year of Free Downloads, and I want you to be the first to know when that happens so you have full access!

So simply fill in the form below and you’ll receive an email with the links directly to download the 2, 3, 4, 5 column wall planner!

Want a custom planner?

If you want your planner to arrive in your letterbox, printed + bound, with personalized columns, check out the Custom Planner options.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 2016 Ultimate Adaptable Wall Planner - Practical, Minimilist, geometric design. Great for students, homes, work places, entrepreneurs. Available for customization